Champaign Park District Neopet stuff

I love my karate class!! My teacher makes it a lot of fun with games and activity.

Here is what the Park District Guide has to say about my class:

Instruction is given in basic, intermediate, and advanced karate. The style is Shito Ryu Karate (pronounced SHE-TO-RU). Style and rank certificates are recognized by Japan's rank sanctioning organizations and world wide. Weapons instruction is offered in the Dento Ryu Kobujitsu system (classical Okinawan weaponns). Over 85 open hand katas and 30 weapons katas available. Tuite Jitsu (pressure point fighting) is taught at the higher levels.

Wish List
Champaign Park District
 ID# 2305-3 - Karate
    Fee $25 (session 3)
 ID# 2305-4 - Karate
    Fee $25 (session 4)
Karate Uniform
 Size 00

There are other classes I'd like to take in future seasons - you can get me a gift certificate by calling 217-398-2550.