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Sam the Amazing Pig

Written by Brodny - March 12, 2002

Once there was a pig named Sam. Sam lived in a barn. He usuallyslept or ate slop.

One night while Sam was sleeping in a little space, a rock fell in Sam's slop. The next day Sam was eating his slop. He ate the rock. He was turning into Super Pig.

He went to the Farmer's house. He looked through the window. He saw a super hero cartoon. The super hero had a cape. He looked in the garbage. He found a ripped up towel. He put it on his neck.

He heard the radio say burglars stole 100 jewels from the museum. He knew where the burglars were. He went to the ocean. He went under water. He saw the hideout. He went in. He saw the burglars. He got them. They had the 100 jewels in their pockets. He put the jewels in the museum and the burglars in jail.

The End
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