Children's Museum - July 6

We went to the Children's Museum with our Aunt Amy and Cousin Savanah. There was so much to do there that we spent the first half hour just running around looking at all the neat stuff. Then we finally got down to business.

Sendra made a real impression with the pin board. (har har)

"I played in the water area.  I put my hand on a water spout which made the water in the other spout fire up high."  ~Brodny
Fun with bubbles!

"I made a dam with bags of rice."  ~Ashler

After all that hard work - we took some time to goof around.

"I made a ball slide-maze.  I put tracks on a board so that the ball would slide down them.  It didn't work very well."  ~Brodny

"I played with wind tubes that made big balls fly in the air."  ~Ashler

Sendra gave her imagination a real work out.

"I tried to make two plates balance."  ~Ashler
What a full day! We were pretty snookered out and after a brief rest, we left for home with happy hearts.

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