First Fruits an Organic Farm - May 15

We learned about all sorts of cool stuff at First Fruits. We listened to how they run a farm without bad chemicals through methods like cover crops, companion planting, raised bed planting with drip irrigation, and sowing without tilling.

Then we got to get into the action! We helped them plant their flower beds.

We learned the ins and outs of companion planting with lettuce and onions. The boys picked out their seedlings to plant on their own.
We get busy planting - you can catch Brodny and
Sendra going to work on the row. The rows are
covered in plastic to hold in moisture and keep out
Ashler goes back for more onions!
We even got a surprise visit from the farm's pet baby squirrel. How cool!

We had a terrific time at First Fruits. We learned a lot and got dirty doing it!

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