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Ancient Egypt
All About Me books
Mayan, Aztec & Incan civilizations of South and Central America
Learn the 7 Continents and how we discovered the Earth was round
Columbus, Pilgrims & Spanish Conquistadors
Prehistory - Stone Age
Learn Oceans and about Islands
Colonialization and the bringing of the slaves
Ancient Greece & Rome
Make Story Maps - Use a Compass
Revolutionary War
Ancient Asia
Lattitude & Longitude, Hemispheres & Poles
Building our Government - Bill of Rights, Constitution & Branches of Gov
Medieval & Renaissance
Penninsula, Strait, Gulf, Bay, Isthmus & Plateau
War of 1812
Ancient India
World Climate - Tropical zones (torrid), temperate & polar (arctic)
Civil War
First Civilizations - Stone Age migration - Inuit, Anasazi, pueblo civ & mound builders
Major Rivers of the World - Tributary, drain basin, source, mouth, & delta
Civil Rights
Other Early Exlporers
Anceint Africa