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The Wizard's Magic Words

Written by Brodny - February 10, 2002

Once upon a time, a kid came to a wizard's house. The wizard gave him 3 magic words. The wizard said to only use them when he was in trouble.

The kid ran off. He was going home. When he went down the path, he saw a dragon. He said a magic word.

"Simpy Dimpy!"

He turned invisible! He walked past the dragon and the dragon didn't even know it.

He wnet on, then he saw a giant picking gold. He tried passing but the guant caught him. He said another magic word, "Habeego!"

THe giant started to shrink. When he was small the boy put him in a har with holes in the lid, He put food in it too.

He walked until he saw a tiny horse in the grass. He used the last magic word.


The horse grew to regular size and he rode the horse home.

The End

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