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I've been involved in Occult pursuits all of my life. I was raised with a metaphysical paradigm as a child. My mother often took me to the Theosophical Society where I learned about such facinating things as near death experiences, mediumship, automatic writing, astrology, etc.. In high school I was intruiged with the allure of Witchcraft and quickly involved myself in Neo Paganism and magic. Ive maintained that passion to the present day and I'm continually expanding my education and experience in the genre.

My largest contribution to the community has to be Cantrap. It's a site devoted to workable magic and divination, both in practice and theory.

Favorite Links
 Theosophical Society
 Classics of Magick
 The Hermetic Library
 Old Gerald
 Why Wiccans Suck
 Wiccan Rede Project
 Lucky Mojo
 Tales of the Plush Cthulhu