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I've always felt adrift when people talk about their careers. At least I did until a couple of years ago, now I've found my calling. I'm a surrogate mother and I love it.

I first considered surrogacy nearly a decade ago directly after giving birth to my first child. I had an easy delivery and I was awash in the euphoria of post labor and I realized that I could do this for someone who wasn't able to bear their own children. I tried looking up information, but this was pre internet and all my leads died. I knew I wanted more of my own children and I shelved the idea for later.

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Thom and I knew we were done having our own babies after Sendra was born and the thought of surrogacy surfaced once again. I looked online and found a wealth of information! Thom and I discussed it for months, I listened to the concern of my friends, and I posed the idea to my children. After a lot of deliberation, we decided to go ahead with it. We settled on working through an agency and found the *ideal* couple within the first two weeks. We were set, this was really going to happen!

Over the course of two years we bonded with the Guys and experienced a real labor of love. Sammuel Josheph was born May 17, 2002 and is adored by everyone who sees him.

I cannot begin to express how entirely rewarding surrogacy has been for me. We're already planning the second. ;)